Monday, April 12, 2010

Just for my honey...

Well, it's that time again... Exam time.  The dreaded exam time.  To make matters worse, Jon has a stats exam this wednesday and it's apparently supposed to be a brutal one.  I was feeling really guilty because I got his hopes up yesterday with the promises of a black forest cake (his FAVORITE) only to realize that we didn't have whipping cream, or cherry filling...  He was pretty bummed out.  To make it up to him, I whipped it up tonite... even after having to work late, and a pretty stressful day at work.  What can I say... my boy is worth it!  :)  Nice little treat to suprise him when he's back from the library tonite.


The Finished Product

Mmm... Chocolate batter....

Ready to go in the oven... (You can tell it was a long day because I used disposable pans... Haha!  No chance I was hauling out my regular pans and doing dishes...)  

There is nothing more heavenly than fresh homemade real whip cream....  

Mmmm... my heart melts with this... Jon won't eat the cake unless it's got the real stuff on it!  :) 



  1. Looks delish! Bet he was surprised :-)
    Out of curiosity, what is Jon studying?

  2. Thanks ladies! Yes, he was very surprised... and very happy! :) Kat, He's actually wrapping up an undergrad in Biology. After 5 years work experience in the field with DFO, he decided it was time to get the piece of paper to back it. It's so nice to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel!! :)