Monday, August 24, 2009

Bad Bloggers

Yes... we realize we are bad bloggers!! Cannot believe it's been so long since we've blogged! With Jon away in India, I thought I would update some of the things we've been upto and couldn't believe it when I saw our last post was in January!! Well... much has happened since our last update. The Spring and Summer's been very busy between trips down to Lockeport and spending time with the fam in New Jersey!! And ofcourse, as most of you know I've been trying to keep myself busy while Jonathan is off in Calcutta, India working with Mother Theresa's Hospital. Yesterday was his last night of 3 weeks at the Hospital. He is now on his way to Mumbai where he'll then venture for 3 nights to the beaches of Goa to relax in the sun after three very hard weeks. He seems to be enjoying his time in India very much, as well as learning some hard lessons about health care in third world countries. On top of which, the time apart has been trying!! Only 7 more nights apart, and they couldn't pass by sooner! With the coming months, we'll be sure to blog more often!! Thanks for reading!