Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dear Gluten, It's not you... It's me...

Well, actually... it is kinda you.  After talking to my naturopath this past thursday we decided that it would be worth while to put me on a gluten free diet to try to achieve some of my health goals we're working on together.  I have to admit when she first said "How do you feel about going gluten-free?"  I thought she must be crazy!!  How was I going to give up my beloved pasta... my breads... my muffins... and let's not forget my granola bars!!  But actually, when we took a closer look at my diet it was actually a relatively low gluten diet to begin with, and the areas that were high, such as pastas are easily substituted.  Quite a bit of the gluten I've been eating is just to go along side with my main meal (ie: A roll with my ceasar salad for lunch... or a muffin to go with my eggs in the morning.)

This in combination with the fact that almost all things that have gluten are available in a gluten-free variety makes me think that it will actually be a lot easier than I thought it would be.  For instance I found a really great brand of gluten free rolled oats which I plan on using for my next batch of granola bars.  My naturopath's advice was that Japanese, Thai and Mexican are great cuisines that are low to no gluten since they rely heavily on rice and corn flour.  That's very good news being that I cook mexican at least once or twice a week... and Jon and I both LOVE sushi and Thai! 

She also mentioned Satisfaction Feast, The Wooden Monkey  and  The Brooklyn Warehouse which are all restaurant in Halifax which are gluten-free friendly.  We tried The Brooklyn Warehouse tonite which we have actually been meaning to try for a while, and was absolutely incredible!!!  It's so great to be able to go out for a nice meal and still get farm fresh food that tastes incredible!!  Whoever said that healthy eating can't be absolutely yummy is just flat out wrong!  I've tried Satisfaction Feast ages ago and it was wonderful.  We'll have to try to go again soon.

All in all, Jon and I have actually been making a lot of changes to our diet recently from switching to organic foods to adding a great variet of supplements to our diets.  Each change has been much easier than we originally thought it would be.  What's more is that I've already noticed the desired effects of the supplements which is huge incentive to keep up with it and all similar changes.

I'll keep all my blog readers up to date on how the gluten-free diet goes.  So far my plan is to still make my granola bars, but obviously use a gluten free rolled oat.  In addition for pasta we are switching to rice pasta.  Other than that I have to just be conscious to not ask for a roll on the side and I should be golden!!  :)  This may also be the push I need to cook more indian foods for us such a dal which is a lentil... and rajma which is made from Kidney beans.  Wish us luck!!    

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  1. Hahaha love that pic! Good luck! I know you will be just fine :-)

    Oh and thanks for the restaurant suggestions, I only knew about the Wooden Monkey being gluten free-friendly.