Monday, October 25, 2010

The NKS's!

With Mommy and Daddy and baby finally home from the hospital, life is already starting to settle into a semi-routine.  Nalini Krishna Singh and Nilesh Krishna Singh are enamoured with each other.  Although the kiddos, and especially Nalini have the distraction of their moasi's (aunts) life does seem to be returning to normalcy for Nalini.

The most noticeable difference between the NKS's is that Nilesh is a champ at sleeping so far.  For those who were around when Nalini was a newborn we all remember the days of creeping around and speaking in a whisper with fear of waking baby... and she was easily woken.  Nilesh on the other hand is completely content sleeping in the bassinet while mommy relaxed and watches tv, or chats with the moasis.  All in all, family seem to be doing great and clearly, Nalini is happy to have Mommy, Daddy and her baby brother home!

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