Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quick Hello From New Jersey!

Normally long gaps between my postings mean that not much is really going on but this time it's been quite the opposite.  Things have picked up fast in the last little bit, in a good way!!  Jon and I (Okay, me more so than Jon... but still)  have been getting alot of chances to just really focus on us and take some time back for ourselves.  After a trip down to Lockeport for my sister in law's grad from high school, Canada Day celebrations and now spending a week with my family in Jersey it certainly has been go go go!!  I'll blog again once I'm home about my Jersey trip, but for now I'll say that words cannot even begin to describe how theraputic coming home is.  I truly love mine and Jon's life that we've built together in Halifax, but there is something about the home you grew up in that cannot be replaced or replicated.  It is what it is, and exists only in that one place, and needs to be cherished.

These pics are mostly of my niece and her mommy and daddy!  (And we have a nephew on the way as you can see!!)


  1. Hey!! it was so nice to see you! It was a very pleasant surprise!! Hope the rest of the vaca is going superbly! Great photos! -Nidhi

  2. It's great you're having a good time! I know exactly how you feel about "coming home"...I always feel that way when I go back to B.C. Great pics, your niece is super sweet! Enjoy the rest of your time there XOXO

  3. awwww.. She is getting so BIG! I bet the teip home was amazing! =) I feel that way about my grandparents house. Your always in my thoughts and prayers.. Love ya. <3