Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Summer... Another Boat...

It's been a little while since my last post.  The main reason behind this is that the summer is finally upon us.  For normal people summer is a time of fun, beaches, bathing suits and sun.  Unfortunately, that's not the case when your husband is a fisheries observer.  He's back out on the boats, and with him being in school the past few years I am completely not used to him being out at sea, so it's been an adjustment period for sure.

The one good thing that I have to look forward to with Jon being on the boats is that when he is home on land, we do make an effort to get out and do things together instead of just being our normal "home body" selves...

OH well... here's hoping for a quick summer.  If the summer goes even half as fast as this year seems to be going that would be golden! 



  1. It's never fun when our hubbies are away! But like you said, when he's home, the time you do get to spend together is cherished!

  2. Just a quick message to say thank you for your lovely comment on bakerella's blog (alice in the uk!).

    Wow - that's a tough situation, hope the summer goes quickly.

    So your challenge is to make the first gluten-free cakepops!!!!! xxx