Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Wonder Land Weekend!

This weekend was one of those wonderful cozy weekends that we never really plan for but just end up turning out fantastic!  It started out Saturday morning with a wonderful acupuncture session, and then a trip to the Farmer's Market.  I absolutely love starting out my weekends with a trip to the market, even if it's just to get a loaf of my favorite fougasse bread!  We were hoping to have some friends who stood for us during our wedding over Saturday night to open a few bottles of wine, watch our wedding videos, and see the master photo album since we finally brought them back over the holidays.  However, we ended up having to reschedule since there were a few last minute issues that came up.  We figured it was for the best since we were expecting Jon to go to sea at 3am on Sunday morning.  So, instead I decided to make my famous 7 layer dip {which Jon jokes is part of the reason he married me! hehe}.  So we spent the evening cuddled up on the sofa, eating our dip, and caught a hockey game on t.v. - Montreal Canadiens vs New York Rangers. {The Canadiens won!!}  To top it off the boat Jon was scheduled for at 3am ended up not sailing, so I have him home for a few more days!! 

Guac for the dip <3

The cherry on top of this wonderful weekend is that I bought a new toy for myself!!  I've been wanting a sewing machine for ages, and between chatting with a friend about sewing patterns and getting some sewing time in over the holidays on my mom's machine I was so ready to get my hands on my own!!  I ended up getting this beauty for $40 on Kijiji!  Not too shabby!  Can't wait to sew up some cute things to save for our little one.  Right now I'm also planning on making a matching pj set for Nalini and Nilesh!  :)  

Thanks for reading!  Hope you all had a wonderfully blissful weekend as well!   xoxo

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