Saturday, November 6, 2010


After two tiring, but strangely blissful weeks in Toronto with my sister and her family for the birth of their son, I am finally back home with Jon in Nova Scotia.  Although it was only two weeks there, and the time certainly did fly by it's also a little strange to be baby-free all of a sudden.  I have to say I kind of miss being woken up at 7am by my two and half year old niece Nalini.  And, while I wasn't the one who had to get out of bed when newborn baby Nilesh cried, I did still find myself waking up last night about every 4 hours expecting to hear him cry. 

My time with my sister in Toronto has gotten me thinking, even more so than normally, about what type of mother I want to be.  And even more so than that... what parts of my current "parenting plan" are going to have to be changed, modified, or altogether abandoned.  Something a mother of twins said to me has always stuck with me.  While laughing about all the silly parenting advice she got when she was pregnant she told me, "I did all my best parenting before I had kids..."  It really makes me wonder how many of these ideals and dreams I want for my children and my parenting style are actually going to come to fruition.  I hope more beliefs will be kept than tossed, but have also been around enough mothers and new families to know that it doesn't always work out that way.  I'm very anxious to see how it's all going to pan out in reality for us.

This is a video that has been floating around for a little while now, and I just thought I would share since it seems to fit in with my thoughts lately.  I absolutely love it.    

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  1. It is totally true that many of the things you picture yourself doing don't end up happening. But, the big stuff does stick around. The things you are certain of and you truly believe are the things that come to fruition.