Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Can't Live Without...

Recently I've been wanting to start a weekly "series" on the blog and was thinking of what I would most enjoy blogging about... and then it dawned on me today, as I was vacuuming the house.  I bring you, "Things I Thought I Could Live Without, But Really Can't..."

First item on the list is my Dyson Slim Vacuum.

Anyone who knew me when Jon and I were engaged knows that I was equally as excited about putting the Dyson Vacuum on my Bridal Registry, as I was to be marrying my best friend.  Mainly because I thought I would love the vacuum but thought that I'd never be able to justify the coin.  Ohh, but I was wrong.... Worth every penny!!  Luckily, a group of my mom's very generous friends went in together to get the Dyson Vacuum for my Bridal Shower.

The model we have is the Dyson Slim, which I love and really suits our lifestyle.  It's SO  light weight I can carry up and down stairs with one hand, but still fully functional.  We currently have, and will likely always prefer hardwood floors, because of Jon's allergies and the fact that we have a kitty, and once we have kids and a house, we're thinking we'll be adding a dog in the mix too.  That's A LOT of dust and dirt.  So, definitely no carpeting in our future.  Dyson does make a "pet" model which is supposedly amazing at getting fur out of carpets... but as I mentioned, there is definitely no carpet in our future.

All in all, it's such a functional vacuum... and stays completely true to the claim that it definitely does not loose suction.  All the attachments are super easily accessible, without having to bend down to floor level.  You can tell this vacuum was designed by a man.  It has a very "techy" feel to it.  Lots of little gadgets all over it, and I love every single one of them!!  The big plus for me is that I love not having to worry about vacuum bags!  It's nice to be able to see the clear canister to know when it needs to be emptied.  Jon's allergies have improved so much since we've got the vacuum...  It's night and day. 

Verdict:  LOVE LOVE LOVE, and you will too!!   

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